Short-Eared Owls

Owls are by far one of my favorite animals to get out and photograph. I do apologize, not all these photos are very high quality, I decided to share them as they are still fun!


A couple of weekends ago we went out to enjoy our favorite wildlife preserves. You can see a ton of different wildlife and it changes throughout the seasons. Now, owls in general are one of my absolute favorite animals to work with and to watch in the wild. I have an owl bucket list of all the owls I want to see in the wild and am about halfway through my list of North American owls. This particular day we saw a ton of short-eared owls. Most of them were too far away for us to get good pictures but were still enjoyable to watch as they hunted in the fields. Towards the end of our visit we found one that was hunting close to the road. He was completely unconcerned about us as he flew around our car and through the fields close by looking for mice and voles. We watched him for a good 15 minutes before he finally flew off across the marsh and out of site. I love to watch the beauty of these amazing animals and I think their flight patterns and hunting styles are fascinating to watch. As I watched this little short eared owl that morning, it reminded me of a monarch butterfly in the way it would flutter around then silently hover over a spot before it dived down on its prey. After watching these amazing birds, you walk away with a new appreciate of nature, no matter how often you watch it. As my husband and I drove away, we looked at each other and said “what a good morning at church”. Being out in nature is our church and we savor every moment we can spend in it.


And this was the best photo of the day. My husband has a much better hand then I do, so he usually gets the higher quality photos. But I am learning, and this day was my turn to take home the winner!



Now a few owl facts because the nerd in me feels the need to share them.

-Owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees, not a complete 360 degrees around like the common myth states, but still an impressive amount.

-Owls eyes are immobile.

-Many owls have asymmetrical ears, which helps then pinpoint where their prey is.

-Due to specially designed wing feathers, owls are silent fliers. Check out this video:

-And just for your enjoyment, here is an awesome video for you to learn more about owls:

Even though these aren’t the greatest photos, I do ask that no one copy, replicate or use them in any way without my written permission! Thank you:)



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