Moose in Denali National Park

Moose are another one of our favorite animals to see. In the Tetons in the Fall and Winter, you can see more then 20 moose grazing in the fields in the early mornings. No matter how often we see them and how many we see, we love to see them in the wild.

Another highlight of our trip to Alaska was all the moose we saw. Our favorite place to see them was in Denali. Being September, the fall colors were perfect shades of yellow and red and the moose were in their prime of the year with their huge antlers ready for the rut. What was amazing to us is how easy it was for an animal that size lay down and disappear in the foliage. Our first night in Denali, we drove into the park and watched moose for hours.

Now this picture is not high quality is the moose is very far away at this point, but it gives you perspective on the size of these majestic animals.


Aren’t those paddles huge! What an impressive animal!

If you wait patiently, more and more moose will pop up out of the bushes.


And if you really wait, and don’t crowd the animals as the come down the hill, they will pass right in front of you.


We just couldn’t get enough of these beautiful animals and those colors!

I don’t remember what our final moose count was just in Denali, between the ones that came close to the road and the ones we could see up in the hills, but it was over 20. We could’ve spent a whole day just on this stretch of road watching those moose!



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