Calgary and Jasper National Park


Last year was a great year for trips! Not only did we get to go to Alaska, we also took my in-laws up to Canada for the first time. I am originally from Calgary, Alberta. My husband and his family are from Texas. And my husband and I met in Colorado.

I decided early that year that for my birthday (in April) I wanted to drive up to Calgary, mostly to see my best friend who was pregnant with her first baby. Calgary is an easy 9 hour drive for us, and we really don’t take advantage of the drive often enough! We decided to take my in-laws with us as they have wanted to visit Calgary for years now. I am also very close with my in-laws, I really have a cool family, so taking a trip like this for us was fun, not torture like it is for many people.

Calgary is a fun city with tons of culture, and best of all… hockey! We were fortunate enough to take my in-laws to a Calgary Flames game. Now, my in-laws are from the Dallas area and are Cowboys fans. I explained Calgary’s love for their Flames as being like Dallas and their Cowboys. However, after the game, my in-laws proclaimed that Calgary fans beat Cowboys fans any day! Now that is a compliment!


Calgary isn’t only just fun and games though, it is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery from Banff, to Lake Louise, to Kananaskis Country to Jasper. This part of Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery on this side of the world.

Being that it was early April, the Canadian Rockies were still snow covered. One of the most amusing parts was taking my in-laws to Lake Louise and they were surprised to find a snow covered lake. Lake Louise is gorgeous at any time of the year, but especially in the warmer months with that glacier blue water and beautiful mountains backing it. However, at this time of year, you get just a snow covered mountain view. Still beautiful, but not the glacier blue they were expecting!


The snow sure does make for quite a scenic cabin photo too.


After Lake Louise we kept driving to stay in Jasper. The drive to and through Jasper National Park is one of the most incredible drives in the world. The mountains are absolutely amazing. It took us 7 hours to make a 3 hour drive because we literally stopped every few kilometers to take pictures and to just absorb the beauty of landscape.

We got excited when we saw this sign in hopes they we would see some caribou. At this point we had never seen them in the wild and they were on our bucket list of animals to see.

caribous crossing

We never did see any caribous, but we did run into some big horn sheep on the side of the road.This little guy was very curious as he watched us from over the cliff.


I really have no other words to describe the beauty of those mountains. S0 just enjoy the pictures!


We did see a wolf on this drive too! While taking the panorama picture he came trotting across the river bank across from us. He was a little too far away for any good pictures, but it made for a good story and an awesome experience for my southern in-laws!



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