Homer, Alaska

While in Alaska, I got my first taste of the ocean! I saw it for the first time in Anchorage and as we drove to Homer, but in Homer, I got to walk on the rocky beach and dip my finger in the water for my first official taste of sea water. Most people dream of tropical beaches and the ocean. I dream of Alaskan mountains.

It was cloudy and rainy for a majority of our trip, so while couldn’t see all the beautiful scenery, but the clouds and rain made for a neat mood. And it was still beautiful.

The night we got into Homer we didn’t have much time to really explore as it was too late. We had time to get down to the restaurant for dinner and enjoy the view of the ocean and the light slowly got darker.


I am sure I left a face print on the window of the restaurant as I pressed my face against it to take in the views around me.It was so peaceful and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get out and explore in the morning!

We stayed at the Land’s End Resort, which is right at the end of the Homer Spit, and right on the beach. Alan was in heaven too, as he is a big seafood eater and he had access to some of the freshest and most gourmet seafood he’s had in a long time. I am not a seafood eater, but this was a new adventure so I tried pieces of Alan’s dinner. The only fish I semi enjoy is halibut. I guess I have expensive taste.

This was a sign in our hotel room. I found it so entertaining as once again, this was my first ocean experience!


The next morning we were both eager for our adventure to begin! We ate breakfast at our hotel again, sitting next to the big window where we could enjoy a view of the ocean and watch the all the fishing and tour boats head out to sea.


Then we finally hit the beach! We walked around the sandy shores, collecting sea shells, watching different birds fly in and dreaming about what we would do if we lived there. I truly couldn’t even comprehend the beauty of it all and I don’t have any words to describe it! We watched people fishing from the beach, and even saw a sea otter in the distance! Otter’s are one of my favorite zoo animals, seeing one in the wild was a dream come true!

Then, off in the distance, we saw water shoot up into the air… and we realized we could see whales! My first time to the ocean and I get to see a sea otter and a whale in the same day! This trip was becoming priceless! We watched the humpback whales for 20-30 minutes before is started raining to hard for us to see them anymore.


We wondered around the spit further, checking out the little shops, admiring the fish people caught on their fishing trips, and planning our next trip. We didn’t have the time to go out on the boats this trip, but next trip we are going to be sure to make the time for it! We walked through the fish market where Alan drooled over all the fresh fish he wanted to take home, and watched some boats drag in the hauls of halibut and rockfish. Then, it was time to head to the Salty Dawg for a beer.

The Salty Dawg Saloon is a historical landmark in Homer. On the inside you can read notes people have left on dollar bills, telling who they are and where they are from.

We chatted with the bartender for awhile, enjoying our refreshing beers, and she informed us that some of the Deadliest Catch boats could be in the harbour! Alan is a huge fan of Deadliest Catch, and I enjoy watching the show occassionally. So after we finished our beers we headed out to find out if the boats really were there in Homer!

When we found the boats, it was like meeting a celebrity! I think we both secretly hoped that we would get to meet some of the crab fisherman, but sadly we didn’t see any of them.

moreboatsdeadliest catchboats!

After seeing the boats in person last fall, we don’t miss an episode of Deadliest Catch!

Our last stop in Homer before heading to Soldotna to visit some family was what we called the boat graveyard.

The old boats made for some neat pictures and we enjoyed wondering through them!

Next adventure, Seward!



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