Seward, Alaska

Ah Seward. The one day we had in the neat little town was not enough. Ok, I think we have a theme going here, next trip to Alaska needs to be a lot longer so we can spend more time everywhere!

Seriously though, forget white sandy beaches and tropical oceans. This is my dream right here. Ocean and incredible mountain views. Pure bliss.

On the way into Seward we stopped at Exit Glacier and hiked up to view it closer.

exitglacier seward

exit glacier

Along the path to the top viewing point are markers showing where the glacier was in previous years. You could see in the rocks as well the scrapes from the receding glacier.

path to exit glacier

And the glacial water in the river is a cloudy color.

glacial water river

We spent a majority of our day in Seward at the Alaska Sea Life Center. This place is cool. It isn’t anything huge, but the animal exhibits they have and the role they play in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation are fascinating and essential for local wildlife.

We decided to splurge on our visit here and do some of the behind the scenes tours and animal encounters. And while we waiting for our tours we explored the centers animal exhibits.

They had two young Stellar Sea Lions, who are playful and entertaining to watch.

And their bird exhibit was incredible. You could view it at eye level or go down to the first floor and view the under water part and watch the birds dive down to capture food. They had a variety of gulls, puffins, waterfowl and a few others I am unsure of what they were. Shown below is a Rhinoceros Auklet and a Common Murre.

And of course, Alan’s favorite part was the puffins. We did the puffin encounter as well, which gave as the opportunity to go behind the scenes to talk with the animal keeper and see how the animals are fed and maintained and learn more about the animals. We even got to help feed their puffins!

There was a little Common Murre bird that was really fascinated by Alan. She would peck at his back while he was feeding, then bat her eyes at him when he tried to give her a fish. It was almost as though she was flirting with him.

In between our puffin encounter and our behind the scene’s tour we went over to the Seward Brewing Company for lunch and to try a local beer. Alan was of course excited to get more fresh sea food, this time trying the rock fish. I ventured out a little to and got a reindeer sausage. I did try the rockfish, but was not a fan to Alan’s disappointment. But I sure did enjoy my beer, a crisp amber ale.


After our day at the Sealife Center, we explored the rocky beaches of Seward and watched the boats come and go out of Resurrection Bay. We also had to keep our eyes open for jelly fish that had washed up on the shore! Even as someone who has studies these animals in college classes, to see these huge ones washed up on the shore was fascinating, I was like a kid again, though I wasn’t allowed to poke them to see what they felt like.

To our delight, while we were wondering the beaches, a sea otter was swimming close to the shore!


My bucket list of Alaskan animals to see was almost complete after seeing this guy close up!

And here are some of our favorite pictures from our day in Seward.

smew hen seward
A Smew Hen

alaska gull
Red-legged Kittiwake


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