More Alaska Scenery and Wildlife

There is so much of Alaska to see, and with only 10 days we barely scraped the surface! We did get to venture to Seward, and Homer, and up to Denali National Park. And these areas were all so different in the scenery and wildlife and all so amazing. And now, here is all the cool stuff we saw in between those grand adventures!

First up, is Hatcher’s Pass. It isn’t open all year, so we were lucky it was still open when we decided to go up it. Sadly, they were doing some construction on the soft gravel road so we couldn’t make the whole loop. But wow. Seriously, no words describe the colors and mountain scenes of the pass. I don’t think our eyes were able to fully comprehend what we were seeing!

I get so few photos of him not behind his camera!
The camera couldn’t even pick up the vast mountain ranges and colors of the foliage
hatchers pass
Those fall colors are spectacular!


A little stream along the pass
We hiked up to a little pond. It was so peaceful!
Fall wildflowers
A wolf print!!!
Practicing my camera skills with this little ground hog.
Fall is our favorite time of year
We had an F-22 fly over us while at the top of one of the mountains on Hatcher’s Pass!


Even just the drive on the Seward highway, along the bay outside of Anchorage is beautiful! One evening we even saw beluga whales going out with the tide! The beaches here are not safe to go down to, as the mud is like quick sand. Many people die every year getting stuck in the mud and drowning as the tide comes in.

belugaanchorage bay

And the drive from Anchorage to Denali has some INCREDIBLE spots to pull over and try to see Denali!


The fall colors at this time of year are just spectacular.


We ventured to a musk ox farm close to Wasilla one day!


And saw moose every where, even a mom with her twin calves along the side of a highway.


One night, Alan got to see the northern lights, a lifelong dream of his to see!


A neat bridge we found between Anchorage and Wasilla


And on our last night in Alaska we went to Reflection Lake for some beautiful scenic photos.

The Knik River, next to Reflection Lake
reflection lake
Reflection Lake at sunset
The Knik River, its cloudy color comes from the silt in the water







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