The Tetons

Happy Fall Y’all!

I remember the first time I took Alan to the Tetons. I was interning outside of Rexburg, Idaho at a wildlife park and he came out to visit for a weekend. We toured Yellowstone the first day and drove up to the Tetons the second. I remember getting to Jackson after driving over the pass and both of us wondering, where are these supposedly majestic mountains (not that the drive there isn’t pretty). We were ready to give up and go home because we were tired of driving when finally, the Grand Tetons came into sight. We were blown away at the beauty and I remember Alan saying “this is so worth the drive!”.  Now, we get up the the Tetons frequently through the year and see the beauty of the mountains in all seasons.

We recently had our first baby and we spent a good portion of maternity/paternity leave going up to the national parks.  During much of my pregnancy it was hard to get out and take photos as I was either too sick or it was too uncomfortable to be in a car that long. It sure felt good getting back out in the wilderness! And we gotta get our little girl started young on road trips and nature! We were fortunate enough to hit the Tetons at the perfect time for fall leaves. We were up early anyways to feed the baby, so we were able to make it up to the mountains right as the sun would start to come up.

Those colors! The clouds add so much drama to the mountains as those yellows shone like gold in the early morning sun.

Oxbow Bend is one of my favorite places on this planet. This is my church.

I could stare at this scene for hours.

This is picture from 2012 of Moulton Barn at Mormon Row. This is one of the most photographed barns in the world! And I am sure you can all see why! I am sure the settlers that built this barn all those years ago woke up every morning in absolute awe of the beauty of those mountains!
The Tetons are just as majestic no matter what time of year you are there!


The early morning sun gives a neat pink hue to the mountains.

Moose collect in Gros Venture in the winter months making for pretty scenes with animals and a mountain back drop. We saw 20 bulls this morning!

Buffalo on a snowy Teton morning.

A panorama from Jenny Lake, this was the first day the road into Teton National Park was open this year.

The snow sticks around on the mountains for quite awhile in the spring.

For a different view of the Tetons, you can hike up Table Mountain and see the Grand from the Idaho side at over 11,000 feet! It is not an easy hike by any means, but it is a beautiful hike and the view from the top of Table is INCREDIBLE! When we made the hike, it was the height of wild flower season. I felt like we were walking through the Swiss Alps.



The view from the Idaho side in Driggs
Summer is a great time for camping! And makes for a great time to get sunset pictures!

tetonssunsetAlong with camping, summer is a great time for lots of hikes or to go kayaking across Jackson Lake.

Panorama of the Tetons and Jackson Lake. Alan kayaked this lake with his buddy and got the worst sunburn of his life!

The best secret camping spot we’ve ever found! The fields of wildflowers were incredible!
It’s a beautiful time of year, I hope you all get the chance to get out in nature and enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors!



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