Long-Eared Owls


Oh owls. What a majestic bird. Their diversity is incredible with them ranging from the size of a coke can to over 2 feet tall.

A new species we found last year is the long-eared owl. They are a medium sized bird, given their name due to the large “ears” which are actually just ear tufts, or feathers used to make the owl look bigger then it really is.

Long-eared owls are very widespread, nesting in dense foliage and hunting over grasslands. They are nocturnal, like most owls, and are very adept at catching prey in complete darkness due to their excellent hearing.Like other owls, long-eared owls are silent fliers and have asymmetrical ear openings which both aid in making these birds such excellent hunters!


Did you know:

  1. Long-eared owls have populations in North America, Eurasia, and even parts of Northern and Eastern Africa.
  2. They are some of the most vocal of the owls with a variety of barks, hoots, and squeals.
  3. They range at elevations from sea level to about 6500 feet!!!


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