It’s no secret that my main passion in life is nature and animals. My degree was in zoology (and microbiology… I’m a nerd with a capital N and damn proud of it) and I have to say I am probably one of few people who enjoyed college classes. I got to go to school and learn about animals! How fun is that! There’s a lot of science in there too, and I loved a majority of the major based classes I had to take for both degrees.

Sadly now, I am not doing much with my degree, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and animals in some amazing careers. And now to fill the void, my husband and I have found a new passion in wildlife photography. This is how Wild Griffin Photography was born. We combined our passions for nature, the outdoors, and photography and have picked up one of the funnest, most rewarding hobbies!

I hope you enjoy our photos! We are working on getting a shop up and going, but if you are interested in purchasing our photos shoot me a message!

We also have a lot of fun taking pictures of our dog, Ammo. She goes on many adventures with us too.

We have teamed up with Cabela’s as a part of their affiliation team. I am working on how to get the link and ad working properly through WordPress. But to help support Wild Griffin Photography, follow this link to shop at Cabela’s

Some of our prints are available online at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/kamaria-griffin.html?tab=artwork

We have welcomed two new family members in the last couple of months. Our baby girl, Aubrey, was born at the beginning of September and we have a new lab, Sage to ad to the mix!